TECH Europe offers an extensive line of Extruder Guns, which have been expertly designed to fill a wide range of injuries quickly and easily without trapping air. Extremely user-friendly, they are used globally on section repairs conducted on commercial truck and OTR tires by leading experts in the retreading and repair industries.

To get the best results, it’s important to keep them properly maintained. One best practice when it comes to using extruder guns is removing the rubber once you finish using it. Allowing the rubber to harden in the barrel could damage the mechanics of the gun once work resumes. At the conclusion of each job, be sure to clear the barrel of rubber to ensure proper operation of the extruder!

The TECH Team are always available for technical and product support and offer dedicated servicing for Extruder Guns as well as Bead Breakers, Expanding Rims, and spare parts.

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