TECH Europe is pleased to announce the appointment of Landon-Con S.R.K. as a new distributor in Moldova.

Situated in Balti, Landan-Con is a family owned business, owned by Prisacari Leonid and Prisacari Natalia along with their son Victor who manages the company’s sales and purchasing and a team of over 40 employees.

Primarily focused on car service & garage equipment with their own car service station, the introduction of TECH tire repair materials and wheel service solutions positions the company to offer a complete range of products required for safe and effective tire repair.

TECH tire repairs embody over 80 years of innovation, refinement, enhanced tire longevity, customer confidence and safety. With billions of tire repairs installed globally, TECH tire repairs last the life of the tire as well as meet all global published government and industry standards for proper tire repair. TECH produced tire repairs are endorsed and are used by the world’s largest tire manufacturers, retreaders and their subsidiaries.

We look forward to working closely with everyone at Landon-Con!

To get in touch with Landan-Con or your local TECH distributor, please email [email protected].


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TECH Distributor in Moldova

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