Tyres are essential for transportation. No matter if it is a bus, a car, or an over the road truck, tyres are necessary to make them move. The modern radial tyre is an important, high-tech piece of equipment designed to carry ever increasing loads at continuously increasing speeds. With the high number of miles every tyre is expected to travel, it is important to make sure that you are properly maintaining your tyres as it is essential to making sure your vehicle is used to the best of its ability. After all, “Everything” is riding on your tyres!

While properly maintaining your tyres is important, most people do not know what this means or how to take proper care of their tyres. Here are some key tyre maintenance tips every driver should know:

  • How to check and maintain proper inflation pressure
  • How to identify safe tread depth
  • How to check the tyre for defects such as irregular treadwear or weather cracking

It is also important to make sure that any punctures in your tyre are properly repaired. Properly repairing your tyre will allow it to run out its remaining tread life while keeping the driver safe.

When you get a puncture in your tyre, like a nail, there are a few key things you should always keep in mind when taking it to a shop to get repaired. One of the first things you should ask your shop of choice is, what type of repair training the technicians have received. Each technician should have a certificate to prove that they have proper tyre repair training and can repair your tyre safely and without taking any shortcuts. You should also ask about the types of repair materials and practices the shop uses.

A Proper tyre repair should always consist of these three components: 1) The tyre should be removed from the wheel for proper inspection to ensure the technician has a proper understanding of your tyre and the issue, and so it can be safely repaired. 2) A precured rubber stem must be installed which will permanently vulcanize to the tyre and seal out any moisture. 3) A repair unit that will reinforce and seal the liner. It is important to know and inquire about these practices as patch-only and plug-only repairs do not meet the tyre industry guidelines for proper tyre repair and are considered unsafe.

Always make sure your tyres are properly taken care of and when damaged, properly repaired. To get in touch with your local TECH distributor, please contact our team via