TECH’s Research and Development Team has been actively pursuing parent company TRC’s 4r vison, to create and extract value from materials formerly considered to be at the end of their usable life.

TECH’s R&D Team took this vision to heart by altering the materials and process utilised in the manufacture of their one-piece Uni-Seal truck and passenger car repair products. By increasing the injury and repair angle from 25⁰ to 35⁰, it greatly increases the number of tyres that are able to be repaired verses scrapped. Thus, keeping them on the road and out of landfills.

According to TECH’s Vice President of Technology Bill Johnson;

“We were confident that with slight modifications to the chemical composition of materials and our manufacturing process we could increase the application of our Uni-Seal product.”

The TECH R&D Team conducted rigorous road wheel testing with overloaded tyres for over 240 hours using the TECH’s in-house endurance test protocol. In addition, they conducted FMVSS-139 tests with each tyre. Each test tyre had multiple injuries, all of which were at a minimum of 35⁰ or greater. All tyres tested completed the tests with a 100% success rate.

TECH continues to leverage their over 80 years of tyre repair experience and expertise to innovate and set the industry standard for quality tyre repairs.