As a TRC brand, TECH works to fulfil TRC’s 4r vision of Repair, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose. For more than 79 years, the TECH brand has been proudly regarded as the innovator and leader in the tyre repair industry, manufacturing and distributing the most in demand products across all continents.

As every tyre bay and garage need to be able to repair punctures safely, correctly and efficiently, TECH have designed a multitude of products to suit various applications such as passenger, commercial, truck and agricultural, while recognising the needs and demands of different markets around the world. TECH products come in varying sizes and quantities, and are available along with the required tools to aid in any form of tyre repair.

One such product line is TECH’s Permacure Repairs. Like all TECH products, Permacure repairs are manufactured to meet industry standards including ECE 108/109 and BS AU 159. They are produced with an exclusive nylon reinforced design that makes applying repairs easier by virtually eliminating cutting, resulting in less labour time and a durable, permanent repair. TECH’s unique cushion gum flows and cures into cracks and crevices and actually vulcanises to the tyre itself.

Permacure repairs can be used in the crown of all radial and bias tubeless passenger and truck tyres – as well as the crown, shoulder and sidewall areas of all radial and bias tubeless agricultural, ATV and off-the-road tyres.

Click here to view our range of Permacure Repairs and make sure you check out our video below to see TECH Permacure Repairs in action!