When performing large section repairs in tires, technicians often use a rubber extruder gun and rope rubber. The rubber extruder gun heats the rope rubber to soft malleable consistency. This allows the technician to fill and repair large, skived or buzzed out sections of the tire with a strong, permanent fix. Check out our video below!

The TECH sales team identified the need for a better system to deliver rope rubber to the extruder gun. The typical box or bucket systems available were extremely prone to tangling, which caused the rope rubber to stretch, deform or even break.

TECH’s Mobile Spool Mount System offers many improvements including:

  • Dispenses rope rubber smooth and tangle-free.
  • Dust guard helps keep the rubber clean and up off the floor.
  • Easy to-install spool mount can be mounted to virtually any two-wheel hand cart.
  • Allows technicians to quickly move the entire assemble from station to station.
  • When the day if over, roll the mobile spool mount back into cold storage.

To find out more about the TECH Mobile Spool Mount System, contact your local TECH distributor or email us.