For over 80 years, TECH has manufactured industry leading tire repair materials and wheel service solutions that are renowned for their quality and innovation. With a network of dedicated distributors around the world, TECH’s complete line of repairs, tools and equipment are trusted for retreading and repairing everything from passenger cars to earthmovers.

Offering a complete product portfolio encompassing a multitude of radial and bias repair units, plug-patch combination repairs, inserts, vulcanizing cements and much more, technicians can trust TECH for everything they need for safe and effective tire repair.

TECH Europe EPP & CO

This week, we are focusing on our multitude of mounting and demounting products which are available in paste, wax and liquid form. First up, our extensive range of tire pastes come in a variety of sizes, targeting multiple vehicle applications including passenger, truck & run-flat.

In addition, a specific range of our tires pastes have been manufactured without the use of hazardous materials, meaning they are completely solvent and chemical-free and therefore a safe and perfect fit for all tire technicians.

Boasting excellent lubrication as well as qualities to help prevent cracking and aging problems, the products are long-lasting and durable that will not dry out once opened. Technicians do not need to worry about subsequent demounting as these unrivalled products ensure the tires will not stick to the rim.

Helpfully broken down by colour and vehicle application to suit all mounting and demounting requirements, the pastes are easy-to-apply and fast-drying to help prevent tire slippage. With a handling temperature range of -10°C to +50°C, the pastes are also excellent for multiple climates. For colder climates, our premium range is perfect due to its extended limit of -15°C to -20°C.

  • White: Perfect for standard motorbike, passenger, and truck tires.
  • Black: Same characteristics as white paste but with an added benefit of leaving a near transparent finish with no white traces left on the tire or rim.
  • Yellow: Specialised paste for heavy duty truck tires with a high degree of lubrication that guarantees a smooth and fast process
  • Blue: Specifically formulated for run-flat tires with special wax components to provide increased lubrication. Maximum sealing effect and rust protection.
  • Additional tire wax also available in above colours plus red.

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