Tire Mounting Products are essential in every tire bay but what are they actually used for? Most simply, they support technicians when changing tires.

Tire changing is a daily occurrence in tire workshops, whether it’s to perform a repair, rotate tires or to change between seasonal tires. The use of tire mounting products, such as pastes and liquids, facilitate this process and make it easier and faster for technicians by effectively lubricating the tire bead and rim mating surfaces. Additionally, they ensure the tire does not stick to the rim, which supports subsequent demounting.

As well as excellent lubrication, these products can also help to prevent corrosion as well as cracking problems in tires. What’s more, they help ensure the safety of the technician by preventing spills and slip hazards in the service area when applied with a brush or swab.

TECH Europe offers a wide range of ready-to-use mounting products, available in paste, wax and liquid form, with a selected range completely chemical free.

Check back soon for our next blog detailing the multitude of mounting products available from TECH! In the meantime, please contact your local TECH distributor to find out more or email [email protected].