TECH Training

Proper tire repair techniques are important to ensure safety on the road and prevent accidents. Properly trained tire technicians can increase efficiency, reduce comebacks and build customer relationships by protecting customers’ investments in tires.

State-of-the-Art Training Facility

The key to proper tire repair goes beyond having high quality TECH tire repair products. Equally important is the knowledge and skill to perform the repair. TECH Europe offers specialised tire repair courses that incorporate the latest tire repair techniques recommended by leading tire manufacturers.

TECH’s comprehensive training curriculum combines both classroom and hands on training in our European Distribution & Training Centre of Excellence, located in Turnhout, Belgium or at your location upon request. Courses include instruction on the most up-to-date tire construction technology, as well as practical demonstration on a variety of repair methods, including section repair and OTR repair.

TECH Europe continues to place a high importance on training with the aim to Teach Each Customer How’ so that all TECH distributors are equipped and skilled to train their own customers and as a result, promote the value of proper tire repair training in their market.

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