TECH Europe is supporting Tyre Safety Month 2019, a national campaign organised by UK based charity, TyreSafe, which aims to educate motorists about tyre care, safety and maintenance, as well as the potential dangers of unsafe and defective tyres. This year’s ‘Look Who’s Talking’ initiative encourages road users to pay close attention to their tyres by focusing on all three key areas of routine tyre maintenance:

  • Air Pressure – A tyres air pressure should match the manufacturer’s recommendations and be checked with an appropriate pressure gauge at least once per month. 
  • Condition – Tyres should be checked regularly to ensure the are no objects around the tyre and in the tread. Any issues should be checked immediately by a professional.
  • Tread Depth – As the tread grips the road as you drive, if it is not deep enough, a car loses traction and suffers extended braking times. Tread depth should be checked in line with the appropriate legislation.

With over 80 years’ experience, TECH knows the importance of tyre safety and is committed to educating consumers about proper tyre repair and care. Unsafe and poorly maintained tyres are not only unsafe but also increase fuel consumption, tyre wear and harm the environment.

The TECH product portfolio encompasses a wide variety of products such as Radial and Bias repair units, plug-patch combination repairs, cements and related chemicals, all expertly manufactured to repair all types of tyres including passenger and light trucks, OTR and agricultural. To ensure air pressure safety and conformity with industry legislation, the TECH TPMS program offers a full range of OE replacement sensors, TECH’s universal T-Pro sensors, service kits, valves and market leading ATEQ diagnostic tools.

Check back here soon during this year’s Tyre Safety Month as we explore the importance of correct tyre maintenance and how TECH works to promote safety and best practices in the industry.

To learn more about TyreSafe and join in on the campaign to support Tyre Safety Month, please click here.