Course Descriptions


Automotive Tire Dealer

This two-day seminar is designed specifically for automotive technicians with a focus on passenger tire service. TECH stresses the importance of proper repair procedures for standard passenger, high performance and run flat tires. This section includes basic principles of tires and wheels, mounting and demounting using centre post and rim clamp machines, balancing, using a lift, and proper torque procedures.


Advanced Uni-Seal & TPMS Repair

This seminar is designed for automotive technicians with a focus on passenger tire nailhole repairs and TPMS service. The first portion of the course will cover basic tire construction, industry guidelines and repair of passenger tires using TECH’s Uni-Seal Ultra repairs. The second portion of the seminar covers information on servicing tires with TPMS. Additionally, with TECH’s extensive TPMS product portfolio, specific courses on TPMS are also available which explain and demonstrate TECH’s full range of OE sensors, valves, service kits and diagnostic tools.


Tire Industry / Retread Repair

This training seminar is targeted towards those who are recognized as true professionals in the industry. The course covers truck tire construction, tire inspection, proper repair selection and correct repair procedures with hands-on training.


Off-The-Road Tire Section Repair

The OTR Section Repair Seminar covers tire construction, tire inspection and repair of bias and radial Off-The-Road tires. This seminar also discusses in detail the advantages and disadvantages of the different curing systems available and how to use these systems.


Commercial and Agricultural Tire Repair

This seminar covers the proper repair of passenger, light, medium, and heavy truck tires, and agricultural tires. Participants will learn about TECH’s tube repairs, Permacure and Flow Seal inserts, and proper nail hole repair methods in passenger through to heavy truck tires. Additional larger repairs in Truck and Agricultural tires are also explained.


Sales Seminar for TECH Distributors 

TECH Europe is proud to work with a dedicated distributor network throughout EMEA. Official TECH distributors can expect to be trained on the full product portfolio in order to equip them with everything they need for a successful partnership – including product, technical and marketing support. TECH Europe aims to ‘train the trainer’ so distributors are skilled to pass TECH training onto their own customers and therefore, promote the importance of proper tire repair training. Every seminar is different because they are tailored for each distributor to discuss specific regional requirements.