Earlier this month our Technical Trainer, Volodymyr, met with our dedicated TECH distributor, Rotobalance. Peter and Slavomír of Rotobalance had gathered around 30 of their customers and sales team for to take part in TECH training, strengthening their commitment to TECH and the importance of safe tyre repair in their region. Taking place near Banská Štiavnica in Slovakia, the group had a beautiful mountain setting to enjoy two days of both practical and theoretical training led by Volodymyr.

The group watched and got involved as Volodymyr discussed an array of TECH products to highlight their rigorous manufacturing process, their variety of applications throughout the industry, and most importantly, their efficiency and ease of use resulting in safe, permanent and durable tyre repairs. This included TECH’s range of one-piece combination repair units, Uni-Seal Ultra Repairs, for use on both radial and bias tyres, as well as a full range of accompanying tools and chemicals to effectively complete the repair process.

To demonstrate the scope of applications, Volodymyr also demonstrated TECH’s Uni-Seal Ultra Max range which have been designed to repair 10mm and 13mm prepared injuries on commercial truck tyres, agricultural tyres, industrial and small OTR tyres. Volodymyr explained how:

“TECH’s Uni-Seal Ultra Max repairs have an updated design and unique reinforcement, advanced rubber compounding and construction, and are produced with multi-layer cross-weave reinforcement for radial or bias tyres and a lead wire moulded in the stem for quick installation, introducing cost saving benefits for all customers.”

Peter added;

“Such practical training is very important to our customers to see first-hand that TECH means quality, and how the group is dedicated to working with their distributors to build relationships with them and their customers.”

Later that evening, the group enjoyed dinner and took part in a quiz with lucky winners benefiting from gifts kindly presented by Peter and Slavomír.

Find out more about Rotobalance here and make sure to check out the photos of the training below!

About TECH Training
Following industry standards is essential in guaranteeing safety, reliability and professionalism in the industry. All TECH products are regularly audited by the world’s leading tyre manufacturers to ensure they are in adherence to the highest quality and testing standards including both BS AU 159 and ECE 108/109. TECH Europe is proud to offer specialised tyre repair courses that incorporate the latest tyre repair techniques, including the most up-to-date tyre construction technology, as well as practical demonstrations on a variety of repair methods, including section repair and OTR repair.

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