TECH is pleased to announce the release of their most advanced universal TPMS sensor to date – the next generation T-Pro Hybrid 3.5 – hugely benefiting garages and tyre bays with time saving and inventory optimising abilities.

The T-Pro Hybrid combines three innovative technologies in a lightweight yet durable housing, which weighs only 26g thanks to a laser-welded rear cover:

  • Configurable – integrated protocols contain 99% coverage of new European vehicles.
  • Programmable – new protocols can be added later, preventing stock from becoming obsolete.
  • Pre-programmed Multi-App Code – better still, they come ready to fit a wide selection of BMW and Mercedes-Benz models without programming.


TECH’s latest sensor is compatible with leading manufacturer’s diagnostic tools, including ATEQ. Make sure you update your diagnostic tool to obtain sensor coverage.

Fast configuration (just 1-3 seconds), high vehicle coverage and the opportunity to future-proof stock make T-Pro Hybrid 3.5 sensors the complete aftermarket replacement solution.

And coming soon, several fantastic bundle deals that combine T-Pro Hybrid 3.5 sensors and the H47 – a brand-new diagnostic tool with integrated OBDII module. So, customers can acquire TECH’s latest innovation products for less!

To be put in touch with your local TECH distributor, please email [email protected].

View our full TPMS offering here.